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Silence Patton asks the question:

Why was General Patton silenced during his service in World War II?
Prevented from receiving needed supplies that would have ended the war nine months earlier, freed the death camps, and prevented Russian invasion of the Eastern Bloc, and Stalin’s murderous rampage.


The Director

For 20 years Robert Orlando has brought his cinematic vision to the screen, beginning with his 1988 mesmerizing film See Her Run, representing New York University at the Tel Aviv Film Festival...

For several years after that he worked as a freelance editor, cinematographer and director in New York City, completing his first documentary La Famiglia and eventually starting Nexus Media; writing, directing and editing spots for clients such as Coke, Merrill Lynch and Conde Nast. Orlando also completed numerous scripts that were contracted, optioned or purchased, including The Road, later featured in William H. Phillips’ Writing Short Scripts.
In 2001, Orlando wrote and directed his debut feature Moment In Time, winning several awards and earning him a chance to work as a writer and director on the black comedy Choose Life with Peter Dobson and several other notables. He has also adapted the works of writers like Mark Helprin Jonathan Lethem and Charles Ardai.

His latest film, A Polite Bribe, was released by VCI/Cinedigm on DVD/VOD on April 15th 2014.



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May 16,1976

May 16,1976

Patton's initial combact esperience Became the first motorized attack in the history of u.s. warfare

Wars may be fought with weapons,

Wars may be fought with weapons,

"but they are won by men."
General Patton
The dead of one man is a tragedy

The dead of one man is a tragedy

The dead of millions is a statistic.
Josef Stalin

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