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"With original footage, expert interviews and beautiful cinematography, Robert Orlando weaves a story of politics, betrayal and an unwillingness to conquer. An unwillingness to conquer that led to the 45 years of the Cold War. Orlando hopes that this film, and more to come in the future, will “challenge long held views and initiate conversation.” In short, he wants this series of films to “challenge academia.” What better way to do that than to research thoroughly, craft the historical timeline of events and present with the story-telling excellence of Hollywood, as Orlando has done in Silence Patton. Kengor contributed an interview to the one and a half year-long project and was pleased with the finished product, saying that “from a technical-film standpoint, there was some genuine artistry on display there.”  



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May 16,1976

May 16,1976

Patton's initial combact esperience Became the first motorized attack in the history of u.s. warfare

Wars may be fought with weapons,

Wars may be fought with weapons,

"but they are won by men."
General Patton
The dead of one man is a tragedy

The dead of one man is a tragedy

The dead of millions is a statistic.
Josef Stalin

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