• Robert Orlando

Executive Producers

Associate Producers


  • Don Kruizinga

    Don Kruizinga

    General Patton
  • Monty Keely

    Monty Keely

    Winston Churchill
  • Robin Acker

    Robin Acker

    Dwight Eisenhower
  • William Ohl

    William Ohl

    Omar Bradley
  • Leland Prater

    Leland Prater

    Joseph Stalin
  • Ricky Aynes

    Ricky Aynes

    President Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • David Duke

    David Duke

    General Montgomery
  • Nate Bright

    Nate Bright

    Adolf Hitler
  • Debbie Tucker

    Debbie Tucker

    Beatrice Patton
  • David Hanson

    David Hanson

    WW2 Doctor
  • Cait Brase

    Cait Brase

    WW2 Nurse

Storyboard and Concept Artist

David Orlandelli

Visual Effects

Javier Dauden, David Orlandelli, Bryan Youpa

Key Creative Artist

David Orlandelli


John Kaefer

Voice Over

Peter Reznikoff

Edited by

Greg Heller, Robert Orlando

Story Consultant

Victor Davis Hanson


Kyle Prohaska


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May 16,1976

May 16,1976

Patton's initial combact esperience Became the first motorized attack in the history of u.s. warfare

Wars may be fought with weapons,

Wars may be fought with weapons,

"but they are won by men."
General Patton
The dead of one man is a tragedy

The dead of one man is a tragedy

The dead of millions is a statistic.
Josef Stalin

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